Using universal integrative radiesthesic methodology for energy diagnostic and energy therapy aimed at:

Establishing the presence or absence of harmful external energy influences on the human body such as flowing groundwater, the Hartmann and Curry lines, etc., radiation emitted by facilities and equipment or initiated by people, and other.

Protection against harmful external influences through the unique and powerful Personal Shield and Psychotronic Shield.

Creating multidimensional programmes for eliminating or neutralising foreign parasite energies, impregnated in the aura; detecting ingrams and external programmes and neutralising them; detecting spatial imbalance of the energy and informational double and of the subtle bodies, and restoring the balance, etc.

Providing a snapshot of the energy condition of a person, and of his/ her systems and organs, and achieving energy balance.

Localising the collective energy point of the human body and its safe repositioning if necessary.

Measuring the energy influence of foods, drinks, drugs, herbs cosmetics, etc. on a specific person.

Establishing the energy compatibility between business partners, employer-employee, etc.

Energy investigation of homes and offices for detecting flowing groundwater, the Hartmann and Curry lines, electromagnetic and other negative energies, and their neutralisation.

Personalisation of energy imbalances and proposing strictly individual approaches for restoring the energy balance.

Identifying the deep reasons for other problems; identifying energy imbalances and restoring the balance.

The devices, pendulums, rods, radiesthesic witnesses have been produced by Eng. Valentin Marinov (